Dayton preschools cope with rising costs, staffing shortages and unpredictable enrollment

Mobile preschools could bring care closer to home


By Stephen Starr, Elevate Dayton


July 28, 2022


In 2015, when Kim Jarvis opened an education mentoring program for girls in Dayton, she was shocked by what she experienced. 


“We noticed that girls who were in third grade were reading at a first-grade level,” she says. “That was devastating for me to think these girls were that far along and that far behind.”


Those encounters prompted Jarvis to establish On Purpose Academy, a preschool for around 60 kids situated north of downtown Dayton. Today, as a host of new challenges emerge post-pandemic, she’s creating new ways to help families get their young children into preschool education environments – by taking the classroom directly to their doorsteps.




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