Bridging the Economic Gap with an AI-Powered Digital Ecosystem.

One Digital Dayton is an AI-powered digital platform that seeks to create a unified and integrated ecosystem for all of Dayton (East and West) built on a foundation of social and economic equity for STEM workforce development and small business growth and sustainability.


The platform aims to bridge the economic gap in Dayton by providing accessibility to the same resources and opportunities for different stakeholders in the community, including small businesses, job seekers, and economic development organizations.


Dayton's Digital Ecosystem.

Join One Digital Dayton today and become an active member of our vibrant, inclusive community, driving growth and opportunity for all!

More Features

1DD's focus on STEM workforce development and small business growth will help address these disparities by providing access to resources and opportunities for job seekers and entrepreneurs, and by partnering with local educational institutions and workforce development organizations.


Equitable Data & Insights.

One Digital Dayton will help address this challenge by providing access to comprehensive and up-to-date economic data, leveling the playing field for small businesses and promoting economic growth and sustainability.

One Digital Marketplace.

One Digital Dayton's AI-powered platform can help bridge the economic gap in Dayton by providing access to resources and opportunities that have traditionally been limited to a select few.

Connect & Communicate.

The platform's features include social media networking, job listings and training resources, small business resources, economic data and analytics, and community engagement.

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