About One Digital Dayton.

One Digital Dayton (1DD) is a revolutionary AI-powered digital platform designed to bridge the economic gap and foster inclusion in Dayton's diverse communities. We understand the importance of economic equity, and we're here to create a vibrant ecosystem that connects business owners, job seekers, economic developers, and other stakeholders in one unified space.


Small Business

Digitize Your Business.

Join One Digital Dayton today and unlock your business's full potential in the thriving digital economy:

  • Boost Visibility: Increase brand awareness and attract new customers.
  • Access Resources: Benefit from mentorship, funding, and expert advice.
  • Strengthen Your Network: Connect with influential business leaders and
    forge partnerships.
  • Stay Ahead: Keep up with trends and join a community of forward-thinking entrepreneurs.
  • Monetize Your Brand: Discover new revenue streams and connect with potential clients.


Digitize Your Career.

Join One Digital Dayton and accelerate your career in the digital economy:

  • Find Opportunities: Discover top job listings tailored to your skills and interests.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with industry professionals and build valuable relationships.
  • Enhance Your Skills: Access exclusive training resources to stay competitive in your field.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest industry trends and insights from leading experts.
  • Drive Innovation: Join a community of passionate professionals shaping the future of Dayton.


Dayton's Digital Ecosystem.

Join One Digital Dayton and unlock new opportunities in Dayton's thriving digital ecosystem:

  • Discover Jobs: Explore a range of exciting job listings catered to your skills and interests.
  • Build Connections: Network with local professionals, businesses, and organizations..
  • Learn and Grow: Access valuable training resources to develop new skills and stay competitive.
  • Stay Updated: Keep informed on the latest local trends, events, and community initiatives.
  • Empower Yourself: Join a diverse, inclusive community working together to shape Dayton's future.


One Digital Marketplace.

Join the One Digital Dayton digital marketplace and experience the benefits for job seekers and business owners alike:

  • Streamlined Opportunities: Find job openings and potential clients in a single, efficient platform..
  • Expand Your Reach: Connect with a diverse network of professionals and businesses in Dayton.
  • Boost Your Skills: Access resources and learning materials to stay competitive in the digital marketplace.
  • Drive Growth: Discover new collaborations and partnerships to propel your career or business forward.
  • Foster Community: Engage with a vibrant ecosystem dedicated to supporting each other's success.

& Insights

Equitable Data & Insights.

Join One Digital Dayton and enhance your workforce and economic development efforts with equitable data and insights:


  • Access Reliable Data: Obtain comprehensive, up-to-date economic data to make informed decisions.
  • Enhance Collaboration: Connect with other organizations and share valuable resources and insights.
  • Drive Impactful Change: Utilize data-driven strategies to address economic disparities effectively.
  • Foster Inclusive Growth: Promote equity and inclusion in Dayton's workforce and economic development.
  • Strengthen Community Ties: Engage with a diverse network of stakeholders working towards a common goal.

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