Cybersecurity Workforce Gap Hits Record 4 Million Amid Tech Challenges

By Nate Dillard


The Big Picture: ISC2's 2023 Cybersecurity Workforce Study reveals a staggering growth in the global cybersecurity workforce, now at 5.5 million, an 8.7% increase from 2022. Despite this, a record-breaking gap of 4 million cybersecurity professionals looms, highlighting a critical shortage in the industry, according to an ISC2 report.


What's Next: To bridge this gap, organizations are investing in staff training, DEI initiatives, and adapting hiring practices. However, the study underscores a persistent skills gap and new challenges like AI and economic uncertainty that impact the cybersecurity landscape.

Between the Lines:


Key findings include:


  • A severe skills gap with 92% of cybersecurity professionals acknowledging it in their organizations.


  • Economic uncertainty leads to budget cuts and layoffs, affecting 47% of professionals.


  • Emerging technologies like AI are a top challenge for the next two years, with 47% having minimal knowledge of AI.


The Community Angle: In Dayton, Ohio, where tech initiatives and business development are on the rise, this global cybersecurity gap poses a significant challenge. The local BIPOC community, part of a growing tech-savvy population, could be a vital resource in filling this gap. Initiatives to boost cybersecurity skills and awareness within these communities can strengthen Dayton's resilience against cyber threats, providing both economic opportunities and enhanced security.

The Bottom Line: While the growth in the cybersecurity workforce is encouraging, the gap indicates a pressing need for more skilled professionals. Organizations must prioritize cybersecurity training and embrace inclusive hiring practices to ensure a robust, diverse, and capable cybersecurity workforce.


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