Ohio boosts ACE program, broadens eligibility and increases grants for students in need

By Zack Frink, Elevate Dayton


Ohio is increasing grant amounts and widening eligibility for its Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) program through 2024 in response to the pandemic's impact on students, reports Local 12 WKRC.


The big picture: Launched a year ago, the ACE program will now offer $1,000 per child to eligible families for supplementary educational activities such as tutoring, music lessons and day camps.

What's next: The expanded eligibility covers children between six and 18 years old from low-income households or those residing in districts with elevated chronic absenteeism or EdChoice-eligible schools.


By the numbers: To date, the ACE program has provided support to 25,000 students throughout Ohio.


Zoom in: The Ohio Department of Education has joined forces with Merit to manage the program, making it convenient for families to discover resources and explore a preselected marketplace featuring over 800 vendors.


Why it matters: The ACE program seeks to tackle the drop in math and reading test scores and the consequences of diminished social interaction among students during the pandemic, offering adaptability and assistance to both parents and students.


Go deeper: If you think your family may qualify, you can find all of the application information here.


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