One Digital Work: Bridging Dayton's Workforce for a Brighter Tomorrow

By Nate Dillard


The big picture: Elevate Dayton's upcoming "One Digital Work" campaign is set to shed light on Dayton's workforce development history, connecting past achievements with present challenges. This initiative is crucial for understanding the evolving employment landscape in the region.


Zoom in: The campaign, organized into four phases, will explore the overarching themes of workforce development, delve into specific issues, share human interest stories, and propose actionable solutions. It's a deep dive into how workers, employers, and community leaders in Dayton are navigating the shifting employment environment.

By the numbers: Dayton's workforce has faced numerous trials, from natural disasters to economic downturns. This campaign seeks to bring these stories to the forefront, offering insight and potential solutions.


What’s next: "One Digital Work" is not just about reporting; it's about creating impact. With its focus on workforce development, the campaign aims to identify and implement strategies to support Dayton's workers and businesses in adapting to future challenges.

One Digital Work Angle: This campaign is especially significant for under-represented communities in Dayton. It's an opportunity to highlight the unique challenges and triumphs of these groups in the workforce, emphasizing the need for inclusive growth and equitable access to opportunities. By focusing on stories of resilience and innovation, "One Digital Work" aims to inspire and drive change, ensuring that Dayton's workforce development is inclusive and beneficial for all.



Partnered With One Digital Dayton: The One Digital Work editorial campaign, in direct partnership with the One Digital Dayton digital ecosystem and platform, is a groundbreaking initiative designed to bolster Dayton's small businesses and job seekers as they navigate the workforce of tomorrow. This robust, vertically integrated platform stands at the forefront of solutions journalism, with a keen focus on uplifting Dayton's underserved communities.


 Key features of the One Digital Dayton platform include:

  •  Community Portal: A central hub where underrepresented voices are amplified, fostering connections and driving innovative solutions for equitable growth.

  •  Business Resource Showcase: An array of tools and services that small businesses can leverage to gain a competitive edge in the digital age.

  •  Digital Literacy Programs: Tailored training and education pathways that equip job seekers with the necessary skills to excel in STEM-focused career fields.

  •  Engagement Campaigns: Strategic campaigns like One Digital Work that spotlight disparities in job opportunities and seek to inspire change through in-depth reporting and community engagement.

  •  Elevate Communities Digital Space: A unique platform feature allowing organizations to invite their networks to a digital space dedicated to sharing empowering content, free from the distractions of conventional social media.


Through One Digital Work's partnership with One Digital Dayton, we are committed to preparing Dayton's workforce for a brighter future, ensuring that the benefits of technological advancements are accessible to all, particularly in high-growth industries such as cybersecurity and STEM fields. The campaign aims to not only report on these critical issues but also to actively participate in the development of solutions, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to Dayton's socio-economic revitalization.


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